Is Red Light Therapy Actually Good for Performance and Recovery?

Is Red Light Therapy Actually Good for Performance and Recovery?

从Pricy Light Panel Makers为运动员的承诺探讨了任何优点,此时证据是不一致的或只是缺乏。现金伟德平台

在过去的几个月里,我一直在写作novel therapies marketed to athletes改善受伤的恢复。在本文中,我们将考虑相对于我在最近写的东西,低级激光治疗(LLLT)的待遇,这些升级更像是恢复工具的兴起而不是伤害。

As you may recall, LLLT leverages photobiomodulation to affect the body’s tissues. The theory behind this is that when the light of specific wavelengths penetrates the tissues, it causes changes within the cells to produce a result. In the case of LLLT, research demonstrated those results were at best modest, with evidence only to support its use for chronic Achilles tendinopathy.

While LLLT utilizes light of a short wavelength, red light therapy uses visible light with a much longer wavelength and is suggested to have very different effects. Several LED red light panels manufacturers claim that their use can impact everything from sleep quality to skin appearance to sexual function to athletic performance and more.

These panels are quite costly, ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so the discerning athlete would be wise to wonder whether this is an investment that can be expected to pay off with any of the promised benefits.





另一组研究评估红光therapy applied to the lower extremities, the results were very inconsistent, with some studies finding improvements in performance and others not. Similarly, there was varying reporting of improvements in subjective reports of discomfort associated with DOMS and no findings to suggest any changes in biochemical markers of cellular damage in these athletes.





This is another example of a technology with significant theoretical benefits but no proven clinical benefits to date. That may change as additional studies are done, new applications are developed, or the technology is modified somehow. Still, red light therapy remains a novelty for now and is not worth the significant investment.

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