Establishing a consistent program of trained breathing, spine hygiene and focused core development will keep most cyclists from pedaling through pain.

Before we dive into pain prevention, let’s do a quick recap ofpain sources from Part 1


  • 骑行姿势
  • 自行车差
  • 运动习惯差
  • Misunderstanding of strength & movement training

These tend to be the top four contributors in cyclists & triathletes, although the “recipe” will vary from individual to individual. In order to counter these factors, we need to guide our cyclists & triathletes to be stronger and most importantly, more resilient. This involves addressing a few pillars, including breathing and small “resets” throughout the day. These exercises will help begin to get your athletes and clients on track. If you’d like to learn more about the back and how to build strength programs, I have我的新书的整章,更详细。

Basics for Preventing Back Pain

Let’s get into a few tools, which used appropriately and in the right amounts, can hugely benefit your clients and athletes — both those who are beginning to have their low back “talk” at the end of long or hard rides, as well as those who are healthy.

  • Learning to Breathe
  • 击败光盘
    这项训练易于执行,可以在您的客户日工作一天,甚至进入中途停车。这个简单的钻头使我们能够使椎间盘的后部(背面)降低,并从被动组织中承受一些压力。通过减慢呼吸来使位置比视频更长。通过鼻子的三到四个空气将有足够的空气 - 无需添加更多。

  • 建立弹性核心
    This is fundamental in helping you, or your athletes, improve performance, let alone build a stronger, more resilient lower back.




建立核心的很大一部分(同样,脖子,肘部和膝盖之间的所有内容)集中在肌肉组织的力量耐药性上,而不是原始力量。Especially for athletes over the age of 50,how we get there will change, as several adjustments need to be considered.


  • 麦吉尔紧缩- 经常证明此练习不当,完全否定其利益。确保仔细遵循提示,并记住,少更多。保持出色的技术!
  • Side Plank, Top foot forward Endurance Style– Note that the top foot is forward and knees are straight. This is incredibly important, as it allows us to strengthen the internal & external oblique and recruit the adductors and glute med/min complex, thus affording far more benefits than the feet stacked variation.

    不要只走更长的时间!如果您想建立耐力和韧性,我们需要在八到10秒之间的努力之间进行小的短暂休息。用五组10秒的“ ON”开始您的客户,每侧五秒钟的“休息”。当他们可以以强度和出色的位置执行所有5个,请在每一侧再添加10秒的重复。
  • 翻盖- 确保设置正确,并且仅使用臀部Medius。
  • 步行 - 简单地带着轻松的肩膀行走,自然步态可以显着减轻下背部组织的压力。但是,walking狗,手里拿着水瓶或推动婴儿车不算在内。

Final Thoughts for Preventing Back Pain

While a common occurrence, especially in cyclists, back pain is by no means typical, nor is it easy to treat. There are multitudes of factors that come into play, and each must be carefully studied, in the appropriate context, to help determine the cause and the road to recovery.

For most cyclists, a simple, consistent program built to help address our most common variables from our sporting demands can help considerably reduce the risk of injury for those who are healthy and possibly help reduce pain or occurrences for those with small “niggles” here and there. For those working with cyclists & triathletes over the age of 50, there are several other very important considerations, which will be covered in my即将到来的资源,您可以在此处注册候补名单。