Introducing Adaptive Coaching with PACE

Introducing Adaptive Coaching with PACE

Meet a new subscription-based app built on adaptive technology to guide athlete training.

Over the last two years, much has changed about the world, but one thing that hasn’t changed is peoples’ desire to become better versions of themselves. Since our founding in 1999, we have strategically aligned all of our energy behind this core purpose:

Tobring coaches and athletes together, and help them get better at what they love to do.

Historically we have served our purpose with online and mobile coaching software, including data-analysis tools, workout planning resources and direct integrations with an ever-growing variety of devices and partners. Our coaching solutions have become some of the most-used and most-loved in the world.

But like you, we are always trying to improve, innovate and challenge ourselves to create even better solutions to help you coach your athletes. For the last few years, we have been hard at work on something big—something that will change how you coach and how athletes train. Now, we’re excited to share this project with you.


PACE (Personalized Adaptive Coaching Experience)is a new subscription-based app built on our evolving adaptive technology. The app will connect athletes with a coach persona who fits their lifestyle, schedule, and experience level. Each persona is created by a real, experienced coach, and the training is based on the coach’s specific methodology and workouts. The difference is that workouts and feedback are served to the athlete by our adaptive technology, instead of the coach themselves.

Why We Created PACE

We have extensively researched the types of training athletes are looking for in order to determine how to better serve their needs as well as their coaches’. In our research, we found an evident gap between the options we had available (static training plans and premium one-on-one coaching) and what many athletes were asking for. PACE provides that missing affordable coaching option that still feels personalized to an athlete’s needs, schedule and ability level.

Who PACE Is for

Unlike the super-committed 1:1 athlete or the independent static training plan customer, PACE is aimed at busy athletes looking for simple, flexible training guidance. These athletes are motivated by health and personal fitness goals, but they may be intimidated by the commitment or expense of traditional coaching. Because PACE is both affordable and personalized around each athlete’s schedule, we will bring the benefits of guided training to more athletes than ever before. These athletes may get all they need from PACE, or they may convert to more personalized, premium coaching services in the future.

What PACE Is (and Is Not)

我的步伐s a tool to help scale human coaching.The primary function of PACE is to help coaches serve a greater number of athletes without multiplying workload. By managing the repetitive tasks of scheduling and rescheduling workouts, PACE will help coaches reach athletes they may have had to overlook in the past.

我的步伐s a collaboration with real coaches. Every coach persona available in the app is built around input from the coach, to model as accurately as possible the ways that coach would respond to and think about their athletes’ training progress.

我的步伐s part of a progression.This app is just the next step ina concept we’ve been working on for years.Our adaptive technology was first tested in theRun with Hal app, which yielded promising results and positive feedback from users as well as Hal and his team.

速度不是一个替代生活教练。Adaptive technology will never serve empathy, motivation and critical thinking in the same way that humans can. We believe that 1:1 coaching will always remain the gold standard for quality, effective coaching.

What’s Next for PACE Adaptive Technology

的第一次迭代速度包括f的角色ive expert running coaches, and over the coming months we will add more coach personas and sport types. We will also gather feedback from PACE users to fine-tune and optimize the technology that we aim to bring to all coaches through TrainingPeaks in the future. Like Run with Hal, PACE is helping us learn how to scale the human coach with a goal of helping all coaches coach more athletes, more efficiently.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the last two years it’s that we can thrive on big challenges. Coaches and athletes already know how to adapt to anything that comes their way — we just create tools to make that job easier. Our users fuel each of our core beliefs which serve as the bedrock of everything we do:

  • We believe every athlete needs coaching to succeed.
  • We believe in the power of thehumancoach.
  • We believe coaching is a profession worth nurturing.
  • We believe innovative technology can be used to scale the human coach.

We’re proud to continue offering our best to coaches like you, and we’re excited to help you reach more athletes in pursuit of their goals.