Keep Calm and Coach On (Through the Pandemic)

Keep Calm and Coach On (Through the Pandemic)

If your athletes are feeling depressed or overwhelmed through the current pandemic, never fear. Test out these 3 simple steps to achieve a zen-like calm.

我们都经历了由COVID-19. Our lives have been turned upside down and we’re surrounded by tons of uncertainty. This has greatly impacted our coaching businesses and as a result, our athletes as well. The sports world has come to a screeching halt, events are being postponed or canceled around the world; leaving athletes asking, ‘Coach, what now?’



Scenario 1: “Coach, I’m done, I broke my collarbone!”

一名运动员打电话给我,立即,很明显有什么问题。在眼泪的边缘,他说他刚从医院回到家。那天早些时候骑自行车,他坠毁了his collarbone. He had big race plans that season and sadly expressed, “Coach, I’m done, I broke my collarbone.” I just listened for a few minutes as he described what happened. He was under the impression that he was not able to train for weeks.

I started by解决情况: “Joe, I completely understand; injuries like this can be very challenging and painful. And yes, we are going to have to put some workouts on the shelf, like swimming and upper strength training.”

Then moved on toempathizing. “I realize you’ve put a ton of work into your recent training and this is very disheartening.”

Lastly, I challenged him towork through a solution together:“但是,这是个好消息,我们可以做很多工作。因此,我们将重点关注这一点,而不是对我们无法做的事情的任何关注或精力。明天,您将去健身房尝试较低的体重锻炼。”

You would have thought I handed Joe a pot of gold. His spirits lifted as he realized he could still get in some good workouts during the healing process. This is all the athlete is looking for. They want to be coached and they want to be led.

Scenario 2: “Coach, my race is postponed/canceled; I’m going to stop my coaching plan.”

This is very relevant in the current global pandemic. An athlete reaches out to you and says, “Coach, all of my races have been postponed. What if these races are never rescheduled? What if I put all of this work in and I cannot race until later in the year? I think I am just going to stop my coaching.” Notice how the athlete asked, ‘what if?’ twice.

According to《福布斯》, “如果?”陈述使压力和忧虑的火灾燃烧。事情可能会朝着一百万个不同的方向发展,而您花更多的时间担心可能性,您将花在专注于采取行动的时间越多,以使您平静下来并保持压力受到控制。平静的人们知道问“如果呢?”只会把它们带到他们不想要或需要的地方.

At this point, the coach’s calm in chaos becomes invaluable. We have to understand that these knee-jerk reactions are very common.

So, our response is解决情况并同情by saying: “I completely understand, as these are extremely challenging times for all of us. And as an athlete myself, that would be my first reaction as well.”

Then通过解决方案挑战他们by saying: “So, let’s do this, we are going to keep this ‘race’ on the schedule. I will make some changes to a workout so that you’ll achieve race-effort intensity. And then, we are going to keep moving forward with the training. Then once the race schedule resumes, we are going to take this fitness you’ve built and crush it. Plus, by staying consistent with your workouts, you will remain sharp, both physically and mentally. We are going to build some big fitness over the next few weeks and months which you can then showcase in the near future!”


Coaches, I wish you all good health and safety as we are all in this together as we feel the effects of this global pandemic. Let’s take our coaching and our leadership to new heights and let’s continue to help assist our athletes in achieving goals they never thought possible!

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