Coaching athletes requires many skills and excellent communication. Developing a healthy mindset for yourself provides a solid foundation of leadership.

指导运动员与掌握教练工艺,了解生理学的细微差别以及能够即时进行调整有很大关系。但是,如果您的思想不太正确,那么您将努力充分利用体验。在本文中,我将分享一些我从写作中学到的东西The Leader’s Mindwithsports psychologist Dr. Jim Afremow to help get you mentally ready to be your best as a coach and enhance your leadership.

As self-actualizing as coaching athletes might be, if you can make it more about what they get out of the process than yourself, it will benefit everybody. This is why it’d help you to adopt a servant leadership mindset, in which you derive pleasure from seeing others succeed and do whatever you can to elevate the people you’re entrusted to lead. It doesn’t mean that you never issue instructions or make decisions, but rather that you’re always putting the needs of your training group above yourself.

The Significance of Servant Leadership

一个很好的方法来演示仆人领导to new athletes is to show them that no task is too small for you. In our book, Jim and I interviewed Tammie Jo Shults, the pilot who successfully landed the stricken Southwest Airlines flight 1380 after an engine exploded midair. She told us that one of the ways she demonstrated leadership was going back into the cabin before takeoff to help the flight attendants pick up trash. This created a bond between them and made them more likely to follow her lead when the plane was in the air. What could you do to show your athletes that you’re among them, not above them?

塔米·乔(Tammie Jo)为改善其与其他机组人员的关系所做的另一件事是,每次飞行前都会给他们带来零食和饮料,然后四处逛逛,向他们询问他们每个人。它证明了校正原理之前的联系。如果人们信任您,那么他们更有可能让您在时间到来时都可以去任何地方。做到这一点的一种方法是询问您的每位运动员(尤其是如果他们是您的培训小组的新手)来写下您应该知道的三件事。然后,您同样和交换列表。令人难以置信的是,教练多久对他们的运动员不了解,反之亦然。这并不是说您必须与所有人成为最好的伙伴,而是您能找到的越常见的基础,您可以帮助他们取得的进步越多。


Lead Yourself, Then Others

It will also be mutually beneficial to you and those you’re leading if you can make sure you’re sleeping and recovering well. The old adage, “You can’t lead others until you learn how to lead yourself,” applies here. To be the best coach possible to serve others optimally, you need to be sharp and engaged. This won’t be easy if you’re not well-rested and emotionally stable. I also like the analogy that the Stanford women’s soccer coach Paul Ratcliffe shared, which is that if you’ve emptied your well, you’ll have nothing left to pour into other people. There’s a powerful connection between the mind and body, and plenty of research proves this. The studies show that if youget sufficient premium sleep consistently,您将更好地控制自己的情绪和行动,并且不太可能与焦虑,抑郁,愤怒和其他心理健康斗争斗争。因此,当您建议运动员做同样的事情时,请确保您真正优先考虑休息,康复和睡眠,以便每晚都在补充井。

You’d also do well to reexamine your guiding principles. In领导者的思想,吉姆和我发现,史蒂夫·克尔(Steve Kerr)赢得冠军冠军成功的关键之一,当他去金州勇士队时,他对他的朋友和导师皮特·卡罗尔(Pete Carroll)鼓励他确定的“核心四”价值观的不懈追求。这些都是喜悦,正念,同情和竞争。一旦他拒绝了这些,克尔就让团队负责人斯蒂芬·库里(Steph Curry),德雷蒙德·格林(Draymond Green)和克莱·汤普森(Klay Thompson)购买了他们,然后确保球队以与核心四分之二的方式行事。