Explaining HRV Numbers and Age — What’s Normal, Good and Bad?

Explaining HRV Numbers and Age — What’s Normal, Good and Bad?

HRV numbers decline exponentially with age but are higher in athletes and especially masters athletes, who can have HRV numbers comparable to active 25-year-olds.

Over the 10+ years I’ve been working with Heart Rate Variability (HRV), I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked whether anithlete用户的人力资源编号很好,如果没有,好的。

What you need to know about HRV


  1. What is your personal situation? How old are you, what sex are you, are you a competitive athlete, age group/weekend warrior, an active person or someone who has been sedentary and is trying to improve their health?
  2. Why does your HRV number matter anyways, and what is it that you’re trying to achieve by tracking HRV trends?



  1. HRV基线的变化(每日措施的平均值)与运动表现的变化相关,甚至可以预测训练障碍后未来的性能变化(Buchheit等,2009andFlatt & Esco, 2015
  2. 对你的prosp HRV基线数据讲述一个故事ects for healthy longevity. HRV measures the activity of the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic (unconscious) nervous system (ANS), which decreases during aging, and dysfunction of the ANS underlies cardiovascular and other age-related inflammatory diseases, such as type 2 diabetes (Jandackova et al. 2019)which is why it is such a great indicator of health.


An important aspect to bear in mind when comparing HRV numbers from different apps or devices is that they depend on which HRV measure is being used and how it is taken.


Some devices report the raw unit, though, at伊斯莱特,我们不认为这是最有帮助的。原因是RAW RMSSD量表是非线性的 - 耐力运动员可以在此量表上拥有与健康个体一样高的10倍。领先的应用程序(以及许多研究论文)也倾向于进行自然的日志转换。然后在ithlete, we go one step further, multiplying by 20 to give an approximately 100-point scale. This makes the scale much more intuitive and easy to use. Healthy individuals will have scores of 60-70 (depending on age), and top endurance athletes can have numbers of 90-100 (or even higher). Conversely, less healthy people will have numbers in the 40-55 range, and anything below that indicates a low level of vagal activity, which may be a cause for concern. Additionally,ithlete还记录健康分数,以提供可能的原因和动力,以帮助您提高低分,无论是由压力,过度训练还是生活方式引起的。


Most people take their measurement first thing in the morning, sitting upright, whilst others prefer to stand, as they have found that position more sensitive to day-to-day changes with training and other stressors. Lying down or nighttime measures are not suitable for athletes since an effect known as parasympathetic saturation greatly reduces the sensitivity of the measure to changes (take a look at the chart of nighttime HRV from your favorite wearable if you don’t believe me!). The most important thing to remember is consistency. Try to take your reading at the same time each day and in the same position.

What is the average HRV for my age, sex and fitness?

背景设置,现在让我们全国矿工工会bers. The most comprehensive survey of the general population that I’m aware of comes from a 2019 study of over 150,000 people in the Netherlands (Tegegne et al. 2020)and includes both HRV (RMSSD) and resting heart rate (RHR). The charts below show the HRV numbers themselves, which decline in an exponential manner from around 80milliseconds (ms) for teenagers to 25ms for those over 75 years.

a bar chart depicting the downward trend of general HRV values as males and females age from 14 to 77.

使用日志量表的同等图表如下所示 - 您会看到,直到60年代后期,随着年龄的增长,HRV在以后的生活中稳定下来。当对数转换时,这种线性行为通常是由于培训和生活方式所产生的变化而导致个人经历的变化。

a bar chart depicting the downward trend of HRV values using log scale as males and females age from 14 to 77.

Both charts show that HRV numbers for men and women are pretty much equivalent.


The chart below shows comparable numbers between active men and women to the general population as you would expect, whereas those for sportsmen and women are considerably higher (20% and 60% respectively).

a bar chart depicting the HRV values for general population of men and women, active men and women, and sports men and women. Sports men and women have higher vales of all.
a bar chart depicting the HRV values using log for general population of men and women, active men and women, and sports men and women. Sports men and women have higher vales of all.

HRV for Masters athletes

Another recent study (Deus, 2019)looked at small groups of Masters athletes (endurance and sprint) vs. both age-matched sedentary people and 25-year-old healthy but not athletic subjects.




要了解有关HRV培训的好处的更多信息,请开始this article

重要的是要记住,有点像体重,HRV每天都在变化,而10%或另一种变化的变化并不罕见。同样,像体重一样,潜在的趋势和基线计算为每周七天的滚动平均值,也会揭示这些趋势。当训练,恢复和生活方式良好时,您的HRV基线变得非常稳定。良好的HRV应用程序和软件将测量日常变化,并确定何时每天变化变得显着 - 通常是通过对标准偏差的颜色编码来进行颜色编码。

For best practice, here is a checklist to help you get the most out of HRV monitoring:

  • 每天同时进行的读数(理想情况下醒来后)
  • 使用经过验证的传感器和应用程序
  • 保持相同的身体位置(代表精英运动员,否则坐着)
  • 跟随节奏的呼吸(运动员为7-10 BR/分钟)(现金伟德平台Why is this important?
  • Take at least 4-5 measures per week
  • 记录健康分数和评论以提供上下文
  • Check trends in the baseline as well as daily readings/color codes
  • Don’t take measurements on race day



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