Micro-Burst Intervals: The Most Effective HIIT for Increasing Power and VO2Max

Micro-Burst Intervals: The Most Effective HIIT for Increasing Power and VO2Max




研究表明,微爆炸的间隔可以使您能够保持接近vo2max的努力比传统间隔更长(例如4×5分钟w/ 4分钟的休息)。一个Hallmark研究showed that runners who performed a 30/30 protocol to exhaustion, (i.e., 30 seconds at 100% of VO2max velocity alternating with 30 seconds at 50% of VO2max velocity) allowed the test subjects to hold maximal oxygen uptake for more than twice as long than those who ran continuously at 100% VO2max velocity until exhaustion.

When performing several intervals during a workout, the amount of time that one can accrue at VO2max would be substantially higher with micro-burst intervals than with traditional VO2max sets. Cumulative time close to VO2max has been shown to be one of the most important factors of effective HIIT workouts.

Micro-Burst Interval Training Helps Increase Power and Velocity

Research has shown that the amount of gene transcription for the creation of new mitochondria is proportional to the amount of muscle activation during a training bout.一项研究concluded that an interval session at 73% of VO2max elicits the same amount of gene transcription as a session at 100% of VO2maxwhen expressed relative to total muscle activation.

Put more simply, the amount of gene transcription for每一块肌肉纤维激活was the same for both workouts. However, the 100% VO2max session hada higher overall muscle activationand thus a higher absolute gene transcription relative to the 73% session, meaning that higher power output will cause aerobic improvement in a greater number of muscle fibers.

在执行微爆炸的间隔时,比传统间隔比传统的时间更高的功率或速度积累更多的时间。例如,运动员可能在400W时具有6分钟的最佳功率。如果他们在“ ON”部分中执行针对400W的3×10分钟40/20间隔,则在会议期间,他们可以在400W时积聚20分钟,并且总肌肉激活更高。

如果同一个人进行6×5分钟的“ Vo2max会话”,则他们可能只能在所有间隔(约360W)上击中其6分钟最佳功率的90%。与40/20锻炼相比,使用其他任何类型的VO2MAX间隔会话在400W中累积20分钟的时间将非常困难。

Micro-Burst Interval Training Increases Muscle Activation

一个higher muscle activation means that your muscles will be prepared to hold higher powers/velocities. HIIT workouts are very effective because you can improve both your aerobic capacity and musculature at the same time.

Shorter intervals (i.e., those less than three minutes) are great for training high power outputs but not as effective at training your aerobic capacity, as they are too short to allow you to reach VO2max. Compared to longer VO2max style intervals (e.g., ones that are 5-6 minutes long), micro-burst intervals will allow you to stay close to your VO2max for a longer period of time and spend more time at a higher power output. The result is that both your aerobic system and your musculature will be able to handle more.

HIIT培训的性质允许进行广泛的自定义。您将能够设置目标功率/速度和间隔持续时间,以密切模仿您的目标事件。尽管微爆炸的间隔非常有效,但它们也很征税,只能在一年中的特定时间进行。像任何好的辣酱一样,间隔训练将为您带来好脚踢 - 但更多并不总是更好!


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